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Introduction: PVC Straight Boom Microphone Stand

This is my first instructable, so don't be too harsh! :)

So basically in this instructable, I will tell you how to make a PVC straight boom mic stand for about $5. And it only takes about 15-30 min.

I made this instructable for people who are on a budget or for those bands that like to bang stuff up at practice!

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Tools Needed

Rubber Mallet or Hammer
Pipe Cutter, Saw, Knife, or anything that will cut PVC pipe.

(F.Y.I. PVC pipe is really cheap, just buy some at Lowes or any other home depot store)

I Bought two 8 foot pieces for $5.75 @ Lowe's

Materials Needed


Amt Needed Item

1 Mic Clip

1 5/8 Bolt

1 Roll of Electrical Tape

3 T's

4 Elbows (90 Degrees)

6 6" long PVC Pipes <-Cut from the PVC mentioned above!

1 60 Inch PVC Pipe <-This size can very, depending on how tall you want it.

1 T, Union, or Other <-This is to connect the bolt to the stand. If you don't have a union, you can use a T or something else.

Step 2: Begin Building the Base

Attach the Four PVC Elbows (90 Degrees) to four of the 6 inch PVC pipes.

(As Shown Below)

Step 3: Still Building the Base

Now take the two remaining 6 inch PVC pipes and attach them to the middle of two T's.

If that sounded confusing, check out the picture below!

Step 4: Building the Base Still

Now take another T and put it in between the braces, what you made in the last step, and also make the T in the middle face up towards you!

(Again if this is too confusing, look @ the picture below)

Step 5: Finishing the Base

Now, add the Elbow's/ arms to the center brace.

*It is important that the base is level, or the stand will tilt and wobble alot!

(If your confused, look @ the picture below)

Step 6: Making the PVC Mic Clip

You have 2 options here.

Option 1 Union
Grab you hammer and gently tap the bolt into the union, stop hammering it in when the bolt reaches halfway.

Option 2 T
Grab you hammer and gently tap the bolt into the T. And remember to "Keep checking frequently! To make sure that the mic clip sits tight and firm on the bolt.

What I did
I stuck the T in some vice grips first. And used a saw to cut off the middle thingy. I then took electrical tape and wrapped up the piece 1-3 times so that it wouldn't break when I stuck my bolt in! LOL

(In the picture: I didn't have any electric tape, I ran out. So I used masking tape)

Step 7: Almost There

Now take your long piece of PVC pipe and stick it in the base.

Step 8: Touches

Now add the Mic Clip/ T onto the PVC pipe

Step 9: Your Done!

Congrats, you just made a PVC straight boom mic stand.

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    10 years ago on Step 7

    @Step 7: That's what she said. Haha just joking, but i love the idea!

    shop dweller
    shop dweller

    13 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool - This idea would also be good for building shallow mic stands for kick drums and amps -(you can never have enough of those). Have you tried fashioning a mic clip out of PVC as well? Good stuff! Thanks for the post.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    very nice, I think I'm going to try it, but maybe put a retractical boom so I can still play guitar and get close to the mic.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    I had designed something similar but haven't bothered to make it yet. Try adding some sand to the base to keep it steady. Good work