Introduction: PVC Torso Mechanism

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Today I will be showing you how to build a PVC torso mechanism, or a universal joint. This is a short tutorial so let's get started!

First you're going to need:

1/4" PVC coupler

1" PVC coupler

(x1) DMS-2000MD Servo (20kg servo)

and a cap from a plastic shelf or a flat cap for the 1" coupler.

Assemble the couplers as shown in the pictures above. All the parts get glued together with PVC glue.

Then drill a hole in the center of the cap. Screw the servo horn to the cap, making sure the servo horn hole, and the drilled hole line up.

Step 1: Cutting the PVC T-Coupler

Now mark and cut a slot for your servo in the PVC T-Coupler. Make sure the servo is centered with the center of the T-Coupler.

Step 2: Put It All Together

Now attach the servo horn to the servo, screw it to the servo, and enjoy. Now you can attach this mechanism to an appropriate fitting pipe and have the T-Coupler move from side to side.