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An easy to make, inexpensive, weather resistant Trellis that can hold two standard planter boxes.
The pictures with the flowers are ones that my wife and I made last summer. We like Morning Glory's so it is perfect for them,  other flowers (Impatiens)can be planted to add some colour while waiting for the Morning Glory's to climb.
We left the Trellis's out over winter and they survived without any damage or cracks. The PVC electrical conduit that we used is also sun light resistant so it's good for out door use.
The ones we made last year were attached to the railing of our deck, the one I'll build here will have feet so that it could be used on a balcony or freestanding just about anywhere.

Step 1: Parts and Tools

1- six foot length of 2 X 6, I used pressure treated, but use what you can get.
1- 1/2" ID x 10 foot length PVC electrical conduit.
20 feet of para cord.
4 - hose clamps
9 - 3" #10 wood screws for feet.
25 feet of light cord/string.

A power drill,
7/8 inch power auger bit,
A hand or power saw,
A carpenter's square,
A 5/16" nut driver or wrench to tighten the hose clamps,

Step 2: Cutting and Drilling

Cut or have it cut at your Home supply/ Lumber yard the board to 5 feet long, also cut 3- 2inch wide pieces as well. Most home stores/ lumber yards will make cuts for a nominal fee and it's usually per cut.
Mark the board 3 inches from each end, in the center of the board.
Drill a hole a where you marked the board, when you drill, do it at a slight angle toward the other end of the board. Repeat at the other end the same way.
Cut off the bell end of the PVC conduit. I measured about 4 inches in from the end.

Step 3: Putting It Together

1-Run the para cord through the conduit,
2-Insert one end of the conduit through one of the holes, the conduit should should stick about an 1.5 inches out the bottom.
Put one of the hose clamps over the conduit end pass the para cord between the clamp and the conduit, tighten clamp with the nut driver.
3- Slide two of the clamps on the long piece of the conduit.
4- Repeat step 2 with the other end of the conduit.
Note In the picture I had forgotten to put the para cord between the clamp and the conduit, I fixed this later.

Step 4: Adding the Feet and String

Put the feet one at each end and one in the middle of the board, drill pilot holes and screw the feet on.
I don't have a photo of the feet being attached.
Measure about 8 inches up from the board and tie the string at each end, if your planters are higher  then that adjust to suit, leave about an inch clearance between the bottom of the string and the top of the planter.
Tie seven pieces of  string on the arch, make sure they are spaced evenly.
Now tie them to the bottom string.
Trim the ends of the string.

Step 5: Adding the Planters

Add a couple of planters, add plants and plant Morning Glory seeds.
Enjoy the flowers!
Morning Glory flowers only last a day but you usually get some every day, at the end of the summer you can save the seed for next year. The seed is ready to pick when the seed heads turn brown.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    "The PVC electrical conduit that we used is also sun light resistant"

    Probably best to stick with that then, as the regular PVC "plumbing" pipe (pushfit/Bartol waste pipe) does not weather very well without painting it or other protection, it ends up crazed and crumbly especially in strong sunlight!

    john pedersen
    john pedersen

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks MikB,
    I agree the electrical PVC is best, I've had some in use outside for years on different projects and it stands up really well, the lettering has slightly faded but that doesn't affect it's durability at all.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    What a smart idea - I love that you planted morning glorys - they're one of my favorites!