Introduction: PVC Water Shooter

This water shooter loads quickly and is practically indestructible.

Step 1: Parts List

1. 20" of 1" SDR-21 200 PSI PVC pipe ($.026/in)

2. 1" SCH-40 slip cap

3. 1" X 3/4" slip tee

4. 1" (3/4 arch) X 1/2" (thread) tee

5. 1 1/4" (thread) X 1" (slip) adapter

6. 1 1/4" thread cap

7. 2" of 3/4" SCH-40 pipe ($.072/in)

8. 3/4" SCH-40 slip elbow (male to female)

9. 3/4" check valve

10. 20" of 1/2" SCH-40 piping ($.05/in)

11. 1/2" SCH-40 slip plug

12. 1/2" SCH-40 slip coupling

13. 1/2" SCH-40 slip elbow

14. 1/2" SCH-40 slip cap

15. (2X) 1/2" SCH-40 threaded adapter ($.57 each)

16. 1/4" X 1 1/4" X 7/16" rubber grommet

17. 1 1/8" X 23/32" rubber grommet

18. PVC cement

(Approximately $22 in materials)

Step 2: Tools Required

1. Drill

2. 3/16" drill bit

3. 1" hole saw

4. Saw (miter box with hand saw recommended)

5. File (to smooth cut pipe)

Step 3: Cut the 1" PVC Pipe Into a 4" Piece and a 16" Piece.

Step 4: Cut the 1/2" PVC Pipe Into a 3" Piece and a 17" Piece.

Step 5: Drill a 3/16" Hole in the 1" Pipe Cap to Act As a Nozzle.

Do your best to center the hole and make sure it's drilled straight. I used a simple drill attachment shown below but it is not necessary. The size and shape of the hole(s) could be changed to create different patterns.

Step 6: Assemble the Nozzle End of the Gun.

a. Apply a light coat of PVC glue to the inside rim of the nozzle cap, ensuring the glue is all the way around the rim to get a good seal. Press the nozzle cap onto the 4" piece of 1" pipe as far as it will go.

b. Apply a light coat of glue to the outside of the other end of the 4" piece and insert it into one side of the 1" X 3/4" slip tee.

c. Apply the glue to a 2" piece of 3/4" pipe and insert it into the bottom of the tee.

d. Apply the glue to the other end of the 2" piece and insert it into the 3/4" elbow, ensuring the elbow is pointed back in the direction of the 4" pipe.


Step 7: Glue the 16" Piece of 1" Pipe Into the Other Side of the Tee.

Step 8: Glue the 1 1/4" (thread) X 1" (slip) Adapter Onto Other End of the 16" Piece of Pipe.

This completes the main cylinder of the gun.

Step 9: Assemble the Plunger

a. Place the 1 1/8" X 23/32" rubber grommet over the 1/2" plug and glue the plug into the 1/2" slip coupling. Glue the 17" piece of 1/2" pipe into the other side of the coupling.

b. Using the 1" hole saw, drill a hole in the end of the 1 1/4" threaded cap.

c. Using the 3/16" drill bits, drill a few holes in the cap sides. Drill about a 1/2" to 5/8" from the end. (I originally drilled the holes higher, but found that the grommet covered them, thus why there are two rows of holes in a later picture).

d. Cut a 1" hole in the center of the remaining rubber grommet and place inside the cap. Do this to prevent the plunger from pulling all the way out of the main cylinder. (No photo.)

e. Place the cap with the grommet inserted inside it over the 1/2" plunger section. Glue the 1/2" elbow onto the other end of the 17" pipe. Glue the 3" piece of pipe into the elbow, and then glue on the 1/2" cap as shown.

Step 10: Make Your Handle

Screw the 2 1/2" extenders onto the 1" (3/4 arch) X 1/2" (thread) tee. Glue the arch tee onto the 1" pipe at your desired location. I essentially centered it between the coupling on one side and the adapter on the other.

Step 11: Apply Lubricant (marine Grease or Petroleum Jelly) Between the Plunger and the Cylinder.

Make sure the cylinder gets a good coating and the plunger slides easily.

Step 12: Screw the 1 1/4" Cap Around the Plunger Onto the 1 1/4" Adapter on the Cylinder.

Hand tight is satisfactory.

Step 13: You Now Have the Finished Product.

Step 14: Tips

When "loading" the water shooter, make sure the check valve and nozzle are both covered by water.

The cylinder is 1" shorter than the plunger. As long as the cylinder is shorter than the plunger, you can vary the size of the water shooter to accommodate kids' or adults' arms.