Introduction: PVC Hunting Slingshot W Arm Brace

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Today I will be showing you how to make a slingshot out of PVC. The main difference between this and my previous designs is that it has a built-in arm/wrist brace. The point of this is to transfer most of the strain, which is usually on the wrist, onto the lower arm, which allows you to use stronger bands and gives you a more steady aim.

As with all my tutorials, I must advise exercising extreme caution while using slingshots or weapons of any kind.

If you plan on using this for hunting, make sure you check your local laws (arm braces are also illegal in some countries)


To make this you will need

Between 35-45 cm of 3/4 UPVC pipe

Electrical tape

Thin strips of inner tubing

25lb band set (bands can be of any strength)

Step 1: The Arm Brace

Start by heating up about one third of the pipe with a heat gun or kitchen stove. Using a craft knife, cut the heated part straight down the middle, then bend up the two parts as shown, to form the brace.

Step 2: The Frame

To make the frame, hold the pipe as shown, make a mark just above where your thumb is then heat up the top end of the pipe and cut all the way down to the mark.

Step 3: Tape

To finish the arm brace, wrap several layers of electrical tape over the limbs as shown, squish the sticky sides together then wrap more tape around the first layers as shown in pic three.

(Optional) You can then continue to wrap the tape around the whole slingshot, this makes it slightly more durable and more comfortable to hold.

Step 4: The Bands

The final step is to attach the band set (there is a link below on how to do this)

How to attach bands

Please use this responsibly (without forgetting to have fun ;-)

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