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Introduction: PVC Shoe Dryer

Have you ever had wet shoes and need them dry in a short amount of time? Here is the solution. This glove/ boot dryer is perfect for the outdoors type of person. When you get home you can dry your gloves and boot! Perfect solution for skiers or snowboarders.

This simple and easy PVC shoe drier can be made in under and hour with great results. You can use any type of blower or hair dryer with this boot dryer.

There is no PVC cement used on this so you can break it down for easy transport.

Materials list:

1 3/4" PVC schedule 40 pipe
5 t fittings
6 90°'s
4 caps
1 hair dryer/ blower
Saw to cut PVC
Measuring tape

Step 1: Cut List

Take 3/4" pipe and cut to following dimensions.

6 @ 2"
2 @ 3"
2 @ 5"
2 @ 6"
1 @ 7"
2 @ 9"

Step 2: Assembly of Base

For this step you will need:
4 2"
2 3"
2 5"
1 7"
5 t's
4 90's

After assembled it should look like photo.

Step 3: Add Everything Else

You will be adding the arms that go inside the boot or glove.


2 9"
2 6"
2 2"
2 90's
4 caps

Step 4: Attaching Blower to Dryer

To attach the blower to the dryer I just set the blower right up against the opening of the boot dryer. This technique works really well and it is not permanent if you need to use your blower for something else.

Step 5: You Are Done!

Get outside and go explore!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    You can pack your boots with dry newspaper, and that sucks the water out of them pretty good. Folks that really know about the wet tend to favor their rubber boots then too.