Introduction: PWM Dimmer Using NE555 and MOSFET With DIY Aluminium Case.

 a low cost PWM dimmer  using  NE555 and MOSFET  with DIY aluminium case.

Step 1: Aluminum Case From Aluminum Square Tube.

aluminum case  has dual role.

first one is            protection cover.
and second is    heat sink forMOSFET.

Step 2: Drilling Holes

POT fixing on aluminum case.
MOSFET fixing.

Step 3: Circuit Diagram


1,  555 ic
3, diodes 1N4148 x 2
4, capacitors -ceramic- 100nf ,10nf   47uf/35v
5, Pot  100 K Linear
6, resistor  10K 

circuit diagram source:

Step 4: Circuit Board Soldering.

Step 5: Final Assembly

Step 6: Testing With 12V/35W Lamp

Step 7: Working Video

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