Introduction: PYRO DETONATOR 2 Igniter Detonator Fireworks Pyrotechnics

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Device which can detonate or ignite just about anything you want it to. Made for safe ignition of fireworks but with some skills you can make this fine case and put anything you want on the end of it.
Heres the link to the PYRO DETONATOR 1:

Step 1: Getting Started

So firstly these are the things you will need.

A hobby case, I used the one you see in the picture
A toggle switch with red cover
7.2 volt rechargable battery with plugs on the end (rc car)
Push switch (red)
Key switch (with keys)
Jack plug (not quite shore which one it is, you see it in the picture)
Jack plug socket with lock
pull ties (tiewraps)
Led with fitting
Isolation tape
Sticker maching
30 meters of wire(more or less)

Step 2: Measure THEN Drill

Firstly measure out the width of the switches and choose the right drill. Drill the holes in the top and the side, one for the arm switch, one for the fire switch and one for the power key switch.
Then drill four holes in the bottom so that you can put 2 zip ties through them and hold the battery from the bottom. If there are not already (like in my box) drill a hole for the master power wire to pass through (wire directly from the battery) For the LED drill a small hole next to the key switch.
Finally for the Jack Socket you need to drill quite a large hole.

Step 3: ------Wiring-------

So now you have full access start putting in all the switches and see if it all fits, maybe edit a little with your dremel. Choose if you are going to sodder your wires to the contacts inside the detonator or you are going to hot glue it. I hot glued because you can take it off easily so you can change things easily. Now when your done with that start with the 30 meter wire and jack plug, connect the wire strand to the jack plug neatly and tape over it.

Step 4: Finishin UP

So everything should be about ready now, charge your battery and try it out with a small copper wire piece, leave the box open to check for any failures (shouldnt be any).
Now close everything up and make it neat. Use some Isolation tape to make the box look really neat and I used a sticker machine to print out the FIRE and ARM stickers. I like the look.

Now just plug in the plugs from the battery, turn the key flip the cover, flip the switch and press....
That how simple the PYRO DETONATOR 2 really is.