Introduction: Pac-man Stop-motion

This is my stop-motion of Pac-man on white board for my annimation class.  I got the idea from playing pac-man on computer.  This stop-motion was easy should be able to complete by everyone with the right tools.

Step 1: Materials

These are the materials needed to complete this instructable.

1. White Board
2. Scissors
3. Black marker
4. Craft foam
5.colours: Yellow, Pinkand Purple

Step 2: Making Pac-man

Trace out your Pac-man onto the craft foam.  Make the mouths of each Pac-man open then closing to imitate Pac-man eating the Ghost.

Step 3: Making All the Different Ghosts

Carefully trace out the Ghosts one of each colour.  Then cut out each ghost.

Step 4: Make the Box

Grab your marker and draw your box on the white board.  These lines represent the bounderies for your pac-man stop motion.

Step 5: Making of Pac-man Stop-motion

Move the Pac-men around chasing the ghosts.  Picture by picture of him eating the ghosts.

Step 6: Finished Video