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Introduction: Pacifier Clip

Imagine that you are out walking and your little one throws his pacifier onto the asphalt, and of course that's the one time you didn't bring extras.

Yes, you could use a pacifier clip! There are many cute or cool ones to choose from. But why buy, when you can have fun making one yourself and get it just the way you want?

I bought my beads from and there are also many stores on Etsy you can buy from. I have chosen beads that are non toxic, lead free and saliva proof.

The pacifier clip in my header image was the first clip I made for my little guy, just the other day.

I'll walk you through it.

Step 1: What You Need

You need

  • Cord: I use polyester cord 2 mm thick (pull proof).
  • Silicone ring: to attach the pacifier.
  • Clip (I've used a decorated clip).
  • Beads: Use the type of beads you like. I've chosen ordinary round beads, shaped beads and beads with letters on them.
  • Safety beads: It's important to use safety beads when you make a pacifier clip for babies or young children. I use one in each end and one in the middle to hide and secure the knots.
  • Scissors: You need it to cut the cord.
  • Measuring tape: And remember, the pacifier clip can not exceed 22 cm (8.66 inches) due to risk of strangulation.
  • A needle: I use a needle to push the cord through the bead.

Step 2: Begin

To begin making the pacifier clip, you have to tie a safe knot to the silicone ring. Pull the cord to make sure that the knot is strong enough. I have used a lighter to melt the end of the cord so it doesn't split and it's easy to add the beads.

Step 3: Add the Safety Beads

A safety bead is a bead where one hole is larger than the other, approximately 3 mm and 5 mm (0.11 inches and 0.19 inches) to hide knots.

Now it's time to use a safety bead and thread over the knot.

Step 4: Adding Beads

You can now add the beads of your choosing. I have chosen round beads in blue shades and some withe once, and some decorations beads.
You can use a needle to thread the cord through the bead (picture 2)

Remember to make a knot and add a safety bead in the middle, so the beads don't slide. (is marked in picture with a arrow).

Just keep going until you reach a total length of 22 cm (8,66 inches).

Step 5: Finishing

Now add the last safety bead, and then the clip.

Then you make a knot, make sure it's safe.

Cut the cord and tuck it in the safety bead.

Congratulation! You have now a nice pacifier clip for your little one!

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    8 years ago

    This is excellently done. As a father of three (all well past pacifier age now) I can relate to the need. I can't count the amount of times our little ones tossed their pacifiers on the ground or the floor of the car.

    I really like that you highlighted the need for safety throughout all the stages, non toxic beads (because they will get sucked on), safe length and safe, covered, knots. Non parents would be amazed at how well young fingers can worry at something until it comes apart.

    I like the previous suggestion of glue, but like you, agree that you would need a safe, non-toxic glue that doesn't degrade under constant saliva attack - babies after all are essentially drool making machines.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, and sometimes pacifiers tend to vanish in to thin air.. Just the other day we vent to the supermarket and one minute he had the pacifier and the next moment it was gone.. Nowhere to be found. So it's a smart to have a pacifier clip!

    My pacifier clip has already been tested by my little guy, he has tossed repeatedly along the floor at home and sucked on it - so it has past the test. But it's important to never let them be alone with the clip even though it safe.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I love it!!!!

    Thank you for making this neat Instructible



    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nicely done!

    To make sure those knots stay permanently tied, you could saturate them with superglue. Just my safety-minded parental side thinking out loud here! :)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you!

    That was a good idéa. I'll se if I can find a non toxic glue for my next pacifier clip.