Introduction: Pack a Pocket-sized Picnic!

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Lay out your red-checked hanky and unpack mini clay burgers! Make tiny clay burgers out of clay with as many toppings as you want. Learn to craft meat patties, buns, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, even onion rings! This is a great Instructable for people who love to work with clay.

Step 1: Clay and Colors

First you need to decide what clay you are going to use. I used bakeable clay. You can also use air drying clay or modeling clay, Just be sure to follow the directions for your clay. If you don't like mixing clay colors, buy a variety of colors. The colors needed are listed below along with the clay mixing guide.

  • Light Brown(The buns) Brown > White
  • Red(tomato)
  • Yellow(cheese)
  • Green(lettuce) Yellow > Blue
  • Yellow Green(pickles) Lettuce green > Yellow
  • Black/brown(meat patty) Black > Brown

    • Marble light purple(onion rings) White > Purple /Mix Light purple with white halfway for the marble effect.

What a Colorful Burger!

Step 2: Getting Started-The Bottom Hamburger Bun

The first part is to make the hamburger buns. To make the buns you will need light brown clay. Directions for making light brown clay is in the color mixing guide in step one. We'll start with the bottom bun. Roll out the clay until it's about 1/8 of an inch thick. Use a small cookie cutter, about the size in the picture below, to cut out a small light brown circle. And you have a hamburger bun!

Step 3: The Top Hamburger Bun

And now for the top Hamburger bun! Roll a ball of light brown clay the size of the bottom bun. Slice the ball of clay in half and you have the top hamburger bun! If you like sesame seeds, use a toothpick to poke tiny holes on top.

Step 4: The Hamburger Patty

The hamburger patty requires toothpick details, so have one or two toothpicks ready. Roll out brown/black clay so it's the slightest bit thicker than 1/8 of an inch. Directions for mixing black/brown clay is in the color guide in step one. Use the same small cookie cutter from earlier to cut a circle out.
This is where the toothpick details come in. Use a toothpick to put small dents on the edge all around the patty. On the top and bottom of the patty, do a criss cross pattern like the picture below. You have a hamburger patty! You can make multiple patties to make a triple decker or even more!

Step 5: The Tomatoes

Tomatoes make a great touch in a hamburger! You will need red clay for the tomatoes, no mixing.(yes!) Roll out the red clay so it's thin. Use the same small cookie cutter to cut out circles. That was easy! Make as many tomatoes as you want!

Step 6: The Lettuce

Lettuce is a must-have for a veggie burger! Have a tiny ball of green clay for the lettuce. The directions for mixing green clay is in the color guide in step one. This is going to sound strange so follow carefully. Press down on the tiny ball of clay with the rolling pin and the edges will crack. Roll the clay out thin and the cracks will spread out shown in the third picture. Yes, that was supposed to happen, it gives the lettuce detail.
Once again, time for toothpick detail! Use the toothpick to crimp the edges of the lettuce all the way around. And you have lettuce!

Step 7: The Cheese

Say cheeseburger! Roll out yellow clay a bit smaller than 1/8 of an inch. Place the same small cookie cutter from earlier on top of the yellow clay. Do not press down on the cookie cutter! You will get a circle not a square!
Toothpick time... Use a toothpick to cut straight edges around the cookie cutter. Press against the sides to straighten them. You now have a square of cheese!

Step 8: The Pickles

Don't get in a pickle making these pickles. Roll out a coil of yellow/green clay and use a toothpick to cut off a small portion of the coil like in the pictures below. You can find the directions for mixing yellow/green clay in the color guide in the first step. Roll the piece of clay into a ball. Use your thumb to press down and flatten the ball of clay.
Toothpick details again! Using the toothpick, press side by side dents on to the pickle until both sides are covered in the dents. You Have a pickle!

Step 9: The Onions

Onions anyone? Wow, this is the only step that uses two cookie cutters. You will need the same small cookie cutter (wow,really?) and one slightly bigger than the first. Roll out marbled light purple clay so it's in between thin and thick. Instructions for marbling clay and mixing light purple clay is in the color guide in step one. Cut a hole in the rolled out clay using the first small cookie cutter, then use the bigger cookie cutter around the first hole so you get a ring. Look at the picture below if you need help.
If these onions make you cry, there's something seriously wrong with you.

Step 10: Finishing Touches!

We're almost done! If you used bakeable clay, go ahead and bake your burger(s) following the directions on the package. Then the fun begins...

Put your burger in order!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for reading my Instructable! This was my first Instructable, and I hope you'll have just as much fun making these as I did!

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