Package Gift Box



Introduction: Package Gift Box

This is a Package Box.

This time it made for Original pattern emboss.

( How to make Emboss : Original pattern Emboss)

Step 1: Make Out Box and Logo Seal Dates

To make out dates of box and logo seal for Illustrator.

This time cutting machine use ScanNCutCanvas.

Becouse, those dates change to extension for ScanNCutCanvas use in this site.

( ScanNCutCanvas site : ScanNCutCanvas )

This timing, lines change broken line part fold lines.

Step 2: Date Cut

Cut dates with cutting plotter.

When box dates cut power is 3 and pressure is 0.

When seal date cut power is 1 and pressure is -7.

Step 3: Remove

Box case, cutting parts remove to paper.

Seal case, to remove to spare.

And, cut film to out of position and sticck seal.

Step 4: Put Together Box

Put together box to use both faces tapes.

Step 5: Put Logo Seal

First, make sure position.

After that, putting logo seal .

To opening the side cut seal.

Step 6: Make Munual Card and String for Wrapping Use

To make out dates of munual card for Illustrator.

Date put into print for tracing paper.

And cutting appropriate for sise.


Make use of hemp string.

Freedom to cut length.

( Photo is 45cm)

Step 7: Finished Goods

Setting goods and card and tying string is completion.

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