Introduction: Packing Clothes for Backpacking

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Welcome! In this instructable we will be talking about clothes. Not in a fashion sort of way but for camping and how to pack them in a organized way. This method will help with planning your outfits for the week or just keeping you from pulling a weeks worth the clothes out looking for one item. Now lets take a look at how to do this.

Step 1: Fold Your Shirt in Half

Take you shirt and fold the sleeves towards the middle then fold that in half.

Step 2: Place Underwear and Socks on Shirt

Now take your underwear and fold in half. Then place that anywhere on the shirt. Next take your socks and place them in the middle with the toes on the inside facing each other.

Step 3: Rolling the Shirt

Next roll the shirt with the underwear and socks on it. Then the socks should be hanging out, and take the open end of the socks and pull them over the shirt .

Step 4: Final Touches

Finally place the partial outfit on your shorts/pants and roll them. When you are finished put a rubber band around it or you can use twine. If you want to keep these clothes dry you can put them in a waterproof container or a zip-lock bag. I hope this instructable was of use to you and if it was I ask that you could please vote for it in the outside contest. Thanks, have a good camping trip.

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