Introduction: Packing for a Weekend Trip

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This is how to pack for a weekend trip, two days and two nights.

Step 1: Materials

What's Needed:
Small Suitcase (Walmart for $20.00)
5 T-Shirts Pairs of Pants
4 Pairs of Socks
Not Shown:
1+ Pair(s) of Shorts
Body Spray

Step 2: Main Pocket Storage

1st, pants, then the shirts, then the pajamas, then finally the shorts.

Step 3: Front Pocket Storage

The front pocket is were you store your toothbrush, toothpaste, body spray, deodorant, socks, and underpants.

Step 4: Try This on Your Next Trip

This will be different with each type of suitcase.
If you want to know were I got the suitcase, I got it for Christmas from Walmart for $20.00.
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