Introduction: Pacman Pillow

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Originally I intended for this to be a beanbag chair but I didn't have enough yellow material. I think I like it better as a pillow though actually, it will go well with my Pacman ghost beanbag chair.

I started out by making a really small version to see if my idea would actually work. I have named him Prototope.

You can also make a beanbag chair this way if you make it bigger.

Step 1: What You Need

You will need:
  • Yellow material. Fleece works well. I used less than a yard.
  • Black material. I'm not sure what kind I used but it was very sturdy. I'm sure felt would work well, or fleece. You don't need black material unless you want his mouth to be black on the inside.
  • Bean bag beans or stuffing. I used both just because I didn't have enough bean bag beans. (The ones I used came out of a pillow I made long ago.)
  • Sewing machine+thread.
  • Scissors
  • A marker

Step 2: Waka Waka Waka....

Draw two circles on your fleece, making sure to have left a part of the fleece one foot wide by about the circumference of the circle untouched. I made my circles very easily by taking a piece of yarn a foot long and tying one end to a purple marker and the other end to a thumbtack and sticking the thumbtack in the fleece (and the carpet...) and then using that as sort of a guide.
So cut out the circles and the long rectangle.

Next cut Pacman's mouth out of the circles. I'm sure you know what this looks like so I won't explain where to cut it and everything. Then cut two pieces of back material one foot wide that are a couple of inches longer than Pacman's mouth. If you don't want the inside of his mouth to be black you will need your yellow rectangle to be long enough to go around the circle and the mouth. Then just sew it around the edges all the way around, sorta like in my instructable for the pacman ghost.

Step 3: Sew It Up....

Sew the rectangle around the circles (right sides together. Yes I know these reminders are probably annoying) so that the edges are touching and are even the whole time. Then sew the black material into Pacman's mouth. (Make sure it's all inside out at this point.) Have it so that there is an inch or two of extra material on both ends of the mouth. Sew the two pieces of black material together at the smallest end of the mouth. Make sure that when you do this there aren't any holes on the sides that the stuffing/bean bag beans can get out. Then sew the black to the yellow on the other end of the mouth. The part with the black that you haven't sewn to the yellow yet will be the part where you stuff it.

Step 4: Stuff It!

Now stuff him and sew him up! I used a sewing machine but it will look better if you hand sew it so that the stitches aren't as obvious.

I hope I explained this well enough so that you understand it, if I haven't just tell me.

If you make one of these it would be totally rad if you posted pictures of it :D