Introduction: Natural Effective Pain Relief for Burn Injuries

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You probably won't believe this one, but trust me, you got to try it. This is helpful because it's instant and you can use it anywhere, at home or outdoors. It's something everyone should know!!

Step 1: Materials

You're almost done..

1. The smallest potato you have.

2. Knife

Step 2: Slicing

1. Cut a small piece of one end of the potato. (pic. 1)

2. Cut out some of the wet part of the potato, so that it fits the shape of your wounded area. (pic. 2,3)

Step 3: Apply It for Instant Relief!

That's it, all you have to do is apply the wet side of the potato on your burn injuries for instant relief.

You won't believe how helpfull this is. You have GOT to try it!

Now tell everyone you know about this! They can enjoy it too :)

*im not a doctor it's just a trick I know

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