Paint Can Heater (for Fermentation Chamber)

Introduction: Paint Can Heater (for Fermentation Chamber)

Here is a heater that I built for my home-brewing fermentation chamber. I use a chest freezer for my fermentation chamber. I needed a small heater for a 2 stage temperature controller that I purchased. Cooling is handled by the freezer of course but a small heater is needed inside of the freezer should the temp get too low.

I found this idea in a forum and copied it as best as I could.

I hope it is helpful

Step 1: What You Need

I believe that everything that I used is show here.

1 empty paint can
1 ceramic light fixture
1 electrical mounting bracket
1 lamp cord with plug
1 light bulb (I have w 60 watt bulb)
2 small nuts with bolts

Tools needed:
1 screwdriver
1 drill with bits
1 wire cutters/strippers
1 hammer

Step 2: Mount Bracket to Paint Can Lid

Using an appropriate drill bit, prepare lid with holes that align with holes on bracket. Be sure to center the bracket first. Use your bolts and nuts to securely fasten bracket.

Step 3: Add Cord

Drill a hole for your cord thru the paint can lid. It's easiest to use an existing hole in mounting bracket.

Work your cord wire thru hole.

Prepare wire ends for light base.

Step 4: Wire Ceramic Light Hardware

Simple enough, right? Just be sure wires are securely fastened.

Step 5: Final Assembly of Light Hardware and Test

Attach ceramic base to bracket using screws that should be provided with bracket. Pull cord taught thru hole in lid as you assemble.

Screw in your light bulb.

Plug in to test.

Step 6: Reassemble Paint Can

Replace lid with light assembly to complete this project.

Note: I drilled a small hole in side of can so that I could see that it was on. Not necessary for all applications.

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    4 years ago on Step 6

    This unit is sweet but go to Walmart or home depot and purchase a digital temperture controller. !5 to 25 bucks. Easy to hook up and use. Also like enchilada commented on, use two wire with ground,.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This seriously needs to be grounded. See the raised hole on your pancake box? That is for a ground screw. Use a power cord with a ground wire. Also, if you use a 1/2" drill bit or hole saw, you can use a proper connector as well to keep that wire from pulling out. Just push out one of the knockouts on the box and line up your hole in the lid. Otherwise good build. I've considered doing this exact same thing as a heater for a dog house.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Don't forget to hook it up to a thermostat. You don't want skunky homebrew...