Paint Can Pocket: the Dumbest Fashion Statement

Introduction: Paint Can Pocket: the Dumbest Fashion Statement

About: In a past life I was a scenic designer, living in New York and building plays and fashion shows. Now, life has slowed down a bit and I'm figuring out how to be a good husband and dad.

This shows you how to make the Paint Can Pocket, a very useful, but incredibly stupid looking paint tool caddy... basically a paint can you've strapped to your belt.

Now you're asking: Why would I ever want to endure the embarrassment of wearing that stupid thing?

Well, suppose you're doing a paint job on top of a tall ladder...
...and you happen to have some wet rags and paintbrushes that you don't want soaking your clothes... ...and the top step of the ladder already has the can of paint on top of it...
...and your left hand is holding the rafter for dear life as you reach out to get that faaaaar corner...
...and you don't want to drop something every five minutes...
...and your Leatherman keeps getting stuck between your cell phone and butt cheek...
...well then, this might be a solution to those problems.

Not having those problems? Well then, I can't help ya.
Let's continue...

Step 1: Materials

You will need...

1 Gallon Paint Can
1 Velcro Utility Strap (found mine at Home Depot)
1 Carabiner (Screw type preferable)

You don't necessarily NEED to use a carabiner. You just need something that your belt can pass through and can hold the weight of the can.

Step 2: Tie Strap to Carabiner

Loop the strap through the carabiner as shown.

Step 3: Strap Around Paint Can

Now that the carabiner is in place, wrap the strap around the paint can, and go back through the plastic loop of the strap.

Tighten the strap. Really TIGHTEN it. Make sure it's below the metal nubs that attach the handle to the can.

When you stick the velcro, be sure it is joined really well.

Step 4: Embarrass Yourself

You're done. It's built. Hooray.

Pass your belt through the carabiner and you're ready to go. I also put my belt through the handle as well, just in case the velcro strap slides or gives out (which I find very unlikely).

As you can see, the can hangs at an angle. I like the angle because it's easy to reach in, however there is the possibility of it tipping. Keep that in mind if you plan on jumping around a lot. If you don't like the angle, I'm sure there's a way to add another strap. I just haven't bothered.

Keep in mind that this little do-hicky isn't designed to hold a ton of weight, it just makes access to bulky wet brushes, rags and small tools a lot easier.

DON'T USE IT TO HOLD PAINT. I know it's tempting, but I wouldn't trust it. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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    4 years ago

    I love this idea! Having been a painter for 25+ years I totally get the pain in the butt of needing too many things at the top of a 20' ladder. The basic tenet of all great products. Jimmy it together, make it work and then make it pretty.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Why is it that really useful things are so dorky? This is great but add some decals or stickers to the sides of the can so the full effect can sink in for everyone who sees you. 


    13 years ago on Introduction

    clever idea! another plus is the huge storage space when compared to a pocket!