Introduction: Paint Chip Abstract Art

I have always wanted to do a project using paint sample chips, those nice little free samples that you can pick up at any home improvement store that sells paint. When I came across this idea for a cool piece of artwork I knew I had to try it.

This abstract art piece can be made easily with a selection of paint samples and a little creativity.

Step 1: Supplies

Here is what you will need for your piece of art.

- A selection of paint samples. I used 5 sets of paint chips

- Glue

- A piece of card stock to act as the backing of the art piece.

- Scissors

- Pen/Pencil

Step 2: Cut Up Paint Chips

To start you need to cut your paint chips in the shape you desire.

1. Cut the chips to separate each color. I found it easier to work with when the colors were seperated

2. Draw out the shape you want on the back of the paint chip

My triangles were 1.25" tall and 1" wide. I first cut the paint chip to the height of 1.25". Then I measured the 1" base for each triangle and finally drew out the shape on the back. You can see my process in the above pictures

3. Cut out the desired shapes

Step 3: Layout Design

The next step is to lay out your design to your desired preference.

This may be tedious, but it is an important task. You want to make sure you will like your piece once it is glued down. Laying out the design will let you get an idea of the look and the flexibility to change it up before you glue it down

Step 4: Glue

Once your layout is sufficient it is time to glue your picture down

I used a glue stick which I would recommend. Glue sticks are easier to handle and less sticky in the long run than using a liquid glue.

Step 5: Trim Backing

You may notice that the design you like does not fit evenly on the entire paper. In my case I used a usual 8.5" x 11" card stock paper for backing and the art piece ended up being about 6" x 8". I chose to quickly trim my piece to straighten the edges and fit into a smaller frame.

Note: you may want your piece to be either bigger or smaller. It will all depend on the side of triangles you use or how many triangles there are in the piece. This is were the layout step is important. You will be able to figure out the average size that your piece will turn out and know if you have to add or remove any of the pieces.

Step 6: Frame

Congrats! Your piece is complete!

Place your artwork in a frame and hang it wherever you want.

This piece is currently hanging in my craft room to inspire me to make more projects.

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