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Introduction: Paint Chip Easter Egg Party Garland

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This tutorial will show you how to craft a party garland from hardware store paint chips to decorate a party. I made mine into egg shapes for Easter, but you could make any shapes.

Step 1: Gather Template, Paint Chips & Supplies

Head to your local home or hardware store and ask the staff if you can take home a collection of paint chips. The colors are up to you. I gathered a selection of colors in rainbow shades.

In addition, you can download this template from Formal Fringe for cutting out circles and egg shapes (or just use a paper punch).

You'll also need scissors, a small hole punch and a length of string or ribbon.

Step 2: Cut Shapes Out From the Paint Chips

Cut out several egg or circle shapes from your different paint chips. I used the provided template to cut out my egg shapes, then a circle paper punch for my circles.

How many of each shape you use for your garland is up to you. I cut out one egg and two circles from each color of the rainbow for my Easter garland.

Keep going until you have all your shapes ready.

Step 3: Punch Holes in Your Shapes

Punch one or two holes at the top of each shape. I punched two very small holes to "thread' my string through, but you could just as easily get it done with one standard-size hole. A bigger hole would be better for a thicker ribbon.

Step 4: String Them Up

Thread your ribbon or string through the holes on your shapes. With my two small holes, I was able to thread this embroidery floss over and under each shape. I think this results in a sleeker look.

Step 5: Space Them Out and Hang It Up!

Space out your shapes along the string. If you find them sliding around, fasten the string to each shape on the back with a small dot of glue.

Hang up your new garland and admire your work!

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    6 years ago

    Step 1 says: ask the staff!!!


    6 years ago

    dont feel right about going into paint stores and just taking paint cards. that like teaching your child to steal. rather use construction paper and let kids decorate that to hang.


    Reply 6 years ago

    sorry, yes ask the staff first, correct