Introduction: Paint Splatter Flower Pot (inspired by Jackson Pollock)

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If you remember Jackson Pollock's iconic artwork, you should probably remember that he is mostly known for splashing and dripping paint on his canvases. Well, now, I decided to bring that artsy concept onto a flower pot courtesy of smori's Drip Flower Pot instructable, which became the inspiration behind my remix on the project!

Step 1: Get Your Materials

Ok, so the following materials that you will need are...

  • a terracotta flower pot
  • white spray paint or white patio / acrylic paint
  • sponge brush (if you're using regular white paint)
  • assorted colors of acrylic paints
  • various sizes of paint brushes
  • spray varnish or paint sealer

Step 2: Start Off With a White Flower Pot

To begin, start by painting your flower pot white. You can use white spray paint or regular white acrylic or patio paint and a sponge brush.

PS: Make sure that you cover your workspace with old newspaper to make for easy clean-up! And also, when painting your flower pot white, I recommend using at least 2 to 3 coats to make it look more opaque.

Step 3: Add Splashes of Color

Now, once your pot is dry, you're going to add a few splashes of color a la Jackson Pollock! You can use as little or as much color as you like. You can do your favorite colors, or if you're making this as a gift for somebody, you can use their favorite colors, as well!

Once you're done, you can seal your beautifully messy masterpiece with spray varnish! You don't have to do this step if you don't want to! Besides, you can leave it as it is!

Step 4: Add a Plant, Display and Enjoy

And that's it! All you have to do is add a plant and display it in the sunlight! Great to make and give as a special gift or to enjoy for yourself with your own flowers and plants!

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