Introduction: Paint Swatch Calendar

This is a very fun calendar that is very easy and affordable to make. I love this because you can make it yours by choosing your own colors! I really hope you enjoy it!

Step 1: Get the Right Supplies

-You will need a picture frame. Mine is 12x18”.
-You will also need paint swatches. Make sure you have 6 shades of 7 different colors.
-You will need glue or tape. Which ever you prefer.
-Don’t forget the scissors.
-You will need a knife.
-Also something to measure with.
-You are going to need a pencil.
-Lastly, you will need a black marker. Preferably a sharpie.

Step 2: Open Frame to Start

For this step, use a knife to lift the tabs on the back of the frame and lift up the cardboard piece. Then take out the white piece of paper inside and lay it horizontally. You can set the frame aside for now.

Step 3: Measure and Cut

For this step you will use the paint swatches, scissors, and the measuring tool. Take some measurements and cut all of the swatches into equal size pieces. Then, cut the darkest shade of each color into half pieces. We will write the days of the week on these. You should end up with 35 full pieces, and 6 half pieces. That is 42 pieces total.

Step 4: Lay It Out

Now, lay out all of the swatches so that there are 7 rows going across for the days, and 5 down for the weeks. And also lay out the half pieces on top. Make sure that the swatches go from light to dark with the darkest piece on the very top.

Step 5: Time to Glue

Woo Hoo! Almost done. For this sort use the glue and paint swatches. Make sure everything is where you think it should be and then glue everything down.

Step 6: Make It a Real Calendar

Now write the days of the week with the black marker onto those half pieces. Now you can put your creation back into the picture frame!

Step 7: Wrap It Up

Now if you really want it to look like a real calendar, you can write the month and the days with a dry-earase marker and WAH-LAH!!
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