Introduction: Paint a Zombie Art on Your Longboard

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okay guys; I know it sounds fun, you'd never know how fun it really is if you've never actually painted your longboard in your entire life. But more importantly, keep in mind that the thing I'm trying to show you here is a triggering point, to make your own art, which will let you to discover your own capabilities. I mean you can simply copy this thats finei but if you want to take pleasure then you need to put your own imagination.

In my project I've painted my friend Viktoriya's face in a way she wants to have a brain fest. haha!!

now.. lets get the ball rollin'!!!!! hope you'll enjoy.........

Step 1: Disassemble

First thing you need to do is to have a bare deck. Just dismount the trucks.

Step 2: Sandpapering/cleaning

The second step is to have a smooth and clean surface in the back side of the longboard. I'm sanding the deck with my 5-Inch Random-Orbit Sander. easy. once you're finished, we'll be ready to paint..

Step 3: Prepare Your Canvas

as I've previously told you, you can customize in any color you want. I've painted the whole deck with light-oak protector wood dye.

In this step you will be creating your background. so remember, do not change your mind or the plan you'll follow. otherwise, you may ruin everything. just like it is on illustrator or photoshop, think and divide your artwork pieces into layers. background.... some other things .. some another things.. and finally the thing you want to emphasize on very top. I'm plannig to create a colorful background before I'll paint the zombified face of Viktoriya.

always keep a marker with you, so that you can fix so tiny details that are too small for brush strokes.

In my project I'm creating some nice pinky intestinal decorations.. I'd bite this board if I were a zombie. <3

Step 4: Typeworks/stencils

If you dont have a stencil, of if you want to make something more unique; then you have to print out the word you want to see on your longboard. what are you waiting for?

but remember, try to use bold fonts with no outlines. that'd be much easier for you. but if you want to have something like in here, you'll need a lancet and a shaky(!) hand to pull it out. but I must say, fonts with outlines is a thing pain in the ass.

Step 5: Maybe Some More Decoraitons?

I wanted to add some glittering effect around the word. you can also do it, looks very nice under bright light.

Step 6: Face Part: Some More Challenges

If you have a crazy friend just like I have, you're good to go. I don't know how she's done this but possibly with an app she got on her phone.

okay this part is kinda more challenging. If you can draw what you see on an a4 paper properly, go on.. do it. otherwise try something more easy for you to do.

the most essential part here is outlining. you have to be sure the outline is precisely done, before you can consider other proportions and face elements. once you're done, start painting. use what color you want.

finally double check the proportions from a page you'll draw, other face elements and do on.

never use black paint. you'll never deal with it, and control the dark colors. but when it comes to black, just don't. use a black marker instead.

Step 7: Finalizing

looks like we're about to be done. you can cover your art with epoxy resin or simply yacht polish.

I've been using my longboard in an ungentle manner, but no shedding or exfoliation has happened so far. even I wash the board with preassure washer. so don't worry, you can mount your trucks back on. time to skate.

bloody kewl!