PaintStick Crossbow

Introduction: PaintStick Crossbow

What to do on a sunday midday, make something. that is exactly what i did. i have made a paintstick crossbow it is small and powerful it can shoot a dent in metal and in other things.

Step 1: Tools

you need the following tools


-tenon saw

-glue gun


-cutting pliers

Step 2: Tiller

First you want to saw 3 times 20 cm long sticks and leave 1 23 cm long. lay the 23 cm stick on the bottem then pick the 20 cm long stick and position it that there is on the front room for one stick on his side. than pick you're glue gun and glue it on to it than do the same for the other sticks just stack them on to each other.

Step 3:

you have to make a cut out for the arrow to go through. so get a another full lengt paint stick (23cm) and search for the middle with a tape-measure that would be on 11.5 cm from ther you have to draw a line on 12 cm and 11 cm draw down about 1 cm on both ends. then cut it out that you wil get a groove wer a arrow can go through. if that is ready you can put a bit of glue from the glue gun bellow the groove put it on the front of the tiller. then mark a place to drill a hole for a screw. if you have pre drillt a hole you can put the screw inside of it. if you have followd everything i have said it must look like the picture of this step.

Step 4: Handle

first cut a piece with a length of 1 cm put that in the end with a slide angle to the rear side. than cut a piece that is 6 cm and glue that on the underside of the tiller. then cut a peice of 8 cm and make on both side's an angle of 45 degrees. tighten it as you see in the picture.

Step 5: Trigger

Cut a piece with a length of 4.5 cm and cut on one end a 45 degrees angle. than take 2 ruberbands tighten them twice glue one on the middle and the other rubber band on the side with a 45 degrees angle.

Step 6: Fire Mechanisme

Put the trigger on the back of the tiller then tighten the rubberbands to the handle one on the bottom of the handle and one on the 45 degrees angle of the handle glue them with the glue gun this could be a difficult job to do. if you look at the picture you probally see how it is done.

Step 7: Finishing Fire Mechanisme

cut one stick 5 cm and one 8 cm. the 8 cm one must have on both ends a 45 degrees angle. assemble the 5 cm stick horizontal on the handle and glue the 8cm diagonale. it would look Luke the picture above

Step 8: Arrow

Step 9: Test Results

You can see in the picture that it can shoot dents in metal but you can shoot in all kind of things like plastic,wood and a lot more.

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    3 years ago

    where is step 8 and how to make the bolts