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Introduction: Paintball Massacre! V.2

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Paintball Massacre is the best paintball game in the history of paintball. We have a group that paintballs weekly and this game that we made up is our favorite!!! so have fun!!! and don't forget to be careful!!!!!!!!

Step 1: What You Need:

10 identical cloth rags, approximately 1ft X 1ft
30 paintball player, ages 10 and up, any skill level
2 referees ages 18 and up
1 paintball marker (gun) per person
1 full air tank per marker
1 hopper per marker
1 full face mask
2 different color tape / arm bands / etc around arms to show what team your on
- any amount of paintballs per person
- any additional equipment is welcome
- open or wooded area with boundaries away from any human populated areas (a couple people is fine)

Step 2: Start the Paintball Massacre!

Paintball Massacre starts with around 30 people. Split the people, evenly, good and bad, into 15 per team, with 2 teams or more/less depending on the circumstances

Five flags will be given to each team, and one team walks to the opposite end of the playing field to a "start zone" on that side, the team that didn't walk will be at the start zone on their side. That will be the two of three zones, the last being in the middle off to the side, off the playing field which is the safe zone. Both teams than discretely give the flags to 5/15 players of their team, but it is made unknown to the other team. Each team will tie a certain color tape/arm band/etc around their arm identifying what team they are on!

After starting the paintball match, the players will shoot the players on the other team, and if you get shot and the paint shows on your clothing, then you walk to a "Safe Zone" off to the side of the field in the middle where nobody started which is also where nobody can shoot, still making sure that the opposite teams does not know who has the flags. Both teams second objection will be to get all players to the opposite team's "start zone."

After a 15 minute match, Referee's (that refereed the match) tell all players on the field not hit, or unmarked to go to the safe zone, while players in the "start zone" stay where they are. Players in the "Safe Zone" and from the field are told by referee's to show a flag if they had one. The team that had the most players with a flag in the "Safe Zone" who have gotten out during the game, or were still on the field when the game ended, loses. So, the team with the least amount of players out or on the field when the game ended, wins!

Referee's are also used for making sure players with flags don't hand off their flag to another person when they get hit or if they just want to!!!! (cheating to win)


Note: When playing the game, it will not be easy for players with (or without) flags to get to the opposing teams "start zone" because of the other team spreading out, giving you a tough challenge to get there. AND: if anyone just sits in the corner of the field avoiding getting hit because they have the flag are automatically out at the end of the game. if confused Re-read step 2!!!!!!!!!!

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    5 years ago

    good idea, ever heard of gel ball guns, you could play it with them too. although I prefer FFA.


    12 years ago on Step 1

    note: the pic of a HPA tank says not all air tanks have a gauge...ALL hpa/n2 tanks have a gauge...co2 tanks however, dont.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    but I like pockets, means more ammo, and maybe a rocket launcher for a scenario

    I read ur other one toooo, they are great, we're gonna try this one out tooooo. we need to get together some time and play, i live in oklahoma!


    14 years ago on Introduction

    oh, and thanks to "thejrb" for some help, lol, yes, thanks!