Paintball Pod Quick Loader Tool Box Attachment Version 1

Introduction: Paintball Pod Quick Loader Tool Box Attachment Version 1

I play for the scenario paintball team Pub Crawling. We have more than 20 members on the team and over the years we have come up with ideas that keep the staging area better organized. This instructable is for a smaller more portable variation to the one I wrote up here: Paintball Pod Quick Loader Mobile Station. We have a few ideas and this is for the first one. I will write up a the others also as instructables if they seem like possible solutions. 

A pod is the plastic tube paintball players use to carry extra paint onto the field. Pods range in size from being able to hold 50 to 150 paintballs. When you have 20 players each carrying 6 pods of paint on the field you need a way to keep them loaded up with paint and on the field.

Requirements for the station would have to be: stable base for loading paint, light as possible for travel, convenient for loading paint and work with the tool box we currently keep the pods in. We use the Stanley® Mobile Tool Chest. You can pick one up at a local hardware stores. I was able to stack two cases of paintballs on top of the loader with an empty tool box and it didn't tip. A person leaning on the pod loader could tip it when the tool box is empty. Once the tool box is full of podded paint, I don't think it would be an issue. 

The stand works with an AJP Paintball Pod Loader

You can find out more about the paintball team Pub Crawling at www.PubCrawling.Org .

Materials List for the stand
(3) 42 in. x 2 in. Pressure-Treated B1E Pine Baluster
(16)  #8 x 3 inch deck screws
(2) #8 x 1 1/2 deck screws

Material List for Pod base holder
Table Adapter
(1) 9 inch x 12 inch x 3/4 inch board. 
(5) 1 1/2 x 3/4 inch wide straight metal piece to be used as clamp
(5) small wood screws to attach clamps.

Step 1: Bottom Rails

You will need to make (2) bottom rails from (1) of the 42 in. x 2 in. Pressure-Treated B1E Pine Balusters. 
Cut them to 20 1/2 inches long. 

Next you will need to put a 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch notch in the bottom of each end like in the picture. These notches hold it in place in the tool box handle. 

Step 2: Side and Top Rails

From the remaining (2) 42 in. x 2 in. Pressure-Treated B1E Pine Balusters you will need to cut (6) 9 1/2 inch pieces. 

Step 3: Assembly

**You will want to pre-drill the screw holes so you don't split the ends like you can see I did in some of the pictures.

Attach the bottom rails to the side rails with (8) of the #8 x 3 inch deck screws. 
Next attach the top rails to the side rails using (8) more of the #8 x 3 inch deck screws. 

For this next step I put the bottom rails onto the tool box handle and made the spacing towards the front of the handle 9 1/4 inches. The spacing for the back of the bottom rails is at 10 1/2 inches. This gives the base more stability and also helps with the force of depressing the slide to fill the pods. 

When I attached the Table Adapter to the base I used the last (2) #8 x 3 inch deck screws screws to go down through the top and into the front legs. I used the (2) shorter #8 x 1 1/2 deck screws to go down through the top of the adapter and into the top rails. 
Although I am thinking of modifying this and using (4) hitch pins in the corner for a quick take down and storage. 

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