Paintball Cleaning Snake

Introduction: Paintball Cleaning Snake

Snake dirty barrels with this cheap, effective snake. While it isn't fancy, if you have lost as many snakes as I have, you will surely appreciate the rugged yet disposable nature of this snake as it protects against rust and misfire.

Step 1: Materials

The materials needed are as follows:

Paintball Marker Barrel
Tubular Foam

The foam must be of a small cell size and cannot crumble. Anything less will disintegrate if put in a barrel.

Paracord is the best option for cording, because it is easily cleaned, tough, and forms large knots. In addition, Paracord is unlikely to cut the foam.

The scissors must be sharp, or else the foam will be curved on each cut. The knife will slice with ease if serrated, but serration is not necessary.

Step 2: Marking Foam for Cutting

Cut a piece of foam about four inches long, ensuring that at least one side is flat. Place the marker barrel on the end and press down, leaving a circular mark. Then, make a mark about an inch down the length. If you want, repeat for two pieces of foam.

Step 3: Cutting the Foam

To cut the foam, place the knife on the pressed circle and slice straight down until past the line. Repeat around the ring of the circle until it looks like a flower. Peel off the foam strips, leaving a small cylinder.

Then, use a pair of scissors to snip at the corners of the cylinder until the barrel fits over it. The foam will look shaggy, but that is ok. Keep working your way down the cylinder until the barrel can slide over the whole thing.

Note: The fit should be snug, but if it is too snug, foam may rip in the barrel. Test the snake on your own marker before going into a match.

Step 4: Stabbing a Hole in the Foam

Use the pencil to penetrate the back of the foam blank before moving on. If the foam splits, you will need a thinner tool. If all else fails, shave the sides of the pencil down. Mine worked fine, so I 'pressed on'.

Gently press and twist the pencil down the length of the small cylinder. Be careful to never penetrate the side of the foam. Doing so will end the project.

When you are sure the pencil is past the end of the small cylinder, gently tease it out. Cut the end of the foam, and inspect the inside for damage.

Step 5: Adding Paracord

Next, cut a length of Paracord at least eight inches longer than the barrel. This will ensure the room for foam will be there when you need it.

Gently puts Paracord through the hole in the foam until it clears the end. Tie a large knot at the end, and slide the foam to it. Then, tie a small knot right above the foam. This completes the snake.

Happy Paintballing!

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    7 years ago

    Gee, I'm sure glad sedation is not necessary in step 1. I'm all out of Valium!


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    Hahaha I didn't catch that! It is supposed to say serration!


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    That's why I always take the time to proofread... Twice.