Introduction: Paintball Sniping

The goal of this instructable is to teach you how to become a paintball sniper

Step 1: Getting a Gun

To play paintball you have to have at least a gun, or in some cases, a rocket launcher.

I trust all readers will follow safty guidelines set by the owners of your local field.

You can use any gun to snipe, some just work better than others.

-Pump guns, like the WGP Sniper, are more accurate than semi-autos, but are hard to find and can get pricey

-Semi's, like a Model 98, are usually fairly accurate, they are easier to find and often cheaper, but not as accurate.

Step 2: Barrles Galore

The barrel that comes with your gun, or stock barrel, is sometimes not as good as an aftermarket one.

For pumps, Anything is okay, but a long, ported barrel will work well. Good companies are Smart Parts and Stiffi.

Semis need a litle more help with accuracy. For them I would reccommend a multi bore insert barrel. They cost more, but can br realy helpful. Good companies are Smart Parts and Redz.

If you have a gun made by Tippmann, nothing will work better than a flatline. The flatline is honed so that it will give you super longball shots at high accuracy.

Th reason you want a barrel with ports is that the holes will bleed of air, quieting the shot. Most of the noise you hear is from the shot exiting the barrel, not the bolt moving

Step 3: Doing It for Real

The easiest way to start being a sniper is to practice. Hit the target range and test your accuracy at different ranges.

-Keep steady and hold your breath until after you shoot
- Invest n camo or ghillie, to better hide you from the people you are trying to kil
-some experiencied players will be happy to teach the younger generation the lost art of sniping
- always push yourself, if you can't hit something, keep trying until you do
-If your shot start dropping, it culd yiur air is getting low

Step 4: Other Stuff

Some accesories that could realy help
-laser scope
-gun cleaning kit
-field map
-extra tank

-Note about scopes: a paintball is not like a bullet. The fluid inside can move, changing the trajectory of the ball. Mag scopes, for that reason, are not that great. I would recomend a scope that throws a laser dot on the target. Be careful though. Some expierenced players can tell when a dot is on them, and will move accordingly.