Painted Cork Memo Board

Introduction: Painted Cork Memo Board

I am a compulsive note writer. I am constantly jotting lists or scribbling reminders to myself, only to lose them. I am known to rewrite the same list many times, because I am a scatterbrain! One of my goals this year is to get more organized…so I made a little cork memo board for my kitchen entry way.

Materials Used:

*Cheap wood 5 inch x 5 inch frame. (This did not have a back so I made one - try to find one with a back!)
*Craft corks
*X-Acto knife or other craft blade
*Hot glue gun and glue
*Blue spray paint
*Office clips or push pins


1. Cut the craft corks into wafers. I probably should have gone thicker, but whats done is done. :)

2. Since the craft frame did not come with a backing, I made one from paint stirrers. I cut them down to size with an X-Acto knife (carefully!) then hot glued them together. Yours may have a backing, in which case just use that one and skip this step.

3. Next, glue the wafers in neat little rows, onto the backing. I lined them all up first to make sure they would fit.Once the glue is dry (2-3 minutes), you can paint. I used some leftover Krylon that I had in the garage, and did a few even coats. I did let just a little of the dark wood frame show through, for the "rustic" look.

4. Let it dry overnight. I hung it on a stray picture nail that was in the kitchen, but it looked a little naked...I had some clip pins left over from my office cubicle days, and I added a few. I LOVE the way this looks in my kitchen, and since it is right near the door…no more excuses not to remember to grab milk!

Maybe this will help me not lose the grocery list,hmm?  ;)

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