Introduction: Painted Fish Rock

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This a fun way to decorate you yard or home. All you need are a rock, paint, and paintbrush. Customize your rock however you like. If you want to buy one of the four above, here is the link to where you can buy them:

Step 1: Materials

What you need:

Acrylic paint



Step 2: Trace Rock

With a pencil, trace your fish onto the rock. If your rock is too dark, you can use a sharpie, but you will have to add extra layers of paint to cover up the lines.

Step 3: Paint Rock

Paint you fish however you like it, painting the background behind the fish's tail black. You will need to add several layers of paint to cover the pencil lines.

Step 4: Decorating Fish

With a small brush, add face and fins and decorate how you like.

Step 5: Optional

If you want, you can add glitter to your fish by mixing glitter with Elmer's glue and paint it onto you fish. When it is dry, you can spray you fish with clear paint (outside) to protect the paint from chipping or ruining.

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