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I came across a bunch of these lamps in a recycle center and decided to grab some to maybe paint for people for Christmas gifts.They were free so I took a trunk load. They are plastic I think, not ceramic so most media would just wipe right off. I tried acrylic paint and paint pens and markers but they wouldnt work. Permanent markers would wipe off with some effort but they would work.

I went with spray paint. I bought the kind that says specifically that it will bond to plastic.
First I gave the lamp a full coat of whatever color I wanted for the base color and let it dry.
Then print off an image of what you want to go on the lamp like the gator's logo
Next, lay the image over some transfer paper (white works better than black), align it on the lamp and tape it down on the 2 sides
Now trace over the image with alot of pressure. Its a little difficult cause the lamp is rounded
Remove the image and transfer paper to see the transfered image
Paint the image accordingly. I used paint pens. They work well over the spray paint.
Finally, spray on a good covering of clear coat to protect it

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    The gator symbol looks exactly like my high school's logo XD