Introduction: Painted Xbox Controller

This is a USB gamepad I paint for my friend Apatt7882, he's a PC gamer on YouTube.

For this project I used
Purple high gloss spray paint
Black sharpies
Green frog painters tape
High grit sandpaper
Rubbing alcohol
Terry cloth rag
A screw driver ( for this one I used a small Philips head screw driver)
A small bowl ( to put screws in once they are removed)
And patience
I'm sorry that I don't very many pictures for this one

Step 1: Painting

For the painting I took apart the controller

This controller is a Microsoft white wired USB Xbox controller

This one had seven Philips head screws six are easily visible. The seventh screw is under the serial number sticker on most controllers

Take out the screws and put them in a small bowl to keep them from getting lost. Now take the top of the controller off from the back. Push the buttons out of the front/back of the controller (depending on where they are sitting) and put the buttons in the little bowl.
Now you are ready to start paint prep.
1. Lightly sand the part or parts of the controller you plan to paint
2. Clean the sanded parts with the rag and rubbing alcohol
3. Tape off all the parts the you don't want to get paint on, make sure that you press the tape down really well in any crevasses. I slit the tape in couple of places and and put more tape over that section
4. Paint. I did two coats of paint on this controller. Make sure the paint you plan to use is ok for plastic.

Step 2: Finish the Paint Job

Wait until the paint is all the way dry, then remove the painters tape.
I did a thin line against the purples edge and Apatt7882 ( my friends YouTube channel) in black sharpie.
The trick to using sharpies on plastic is to go very slow and to let it sit quit a while.

I would recommend putting a clear finish on the controller once you are done painting.

Step 3: Put It Back Together

Once you are completely done painting and everything is dry put it back together I used another controller for reference to make sure that a put the buttons in right, after I got the buttons in right I taped them in. Once I got it all back together I taped it together so that I could flip it over and screw it back together.

Putting a controller back together can be very frustrating, so be patient it will go back together.

Remember: enjoy, have fun, and be creative.

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