Introduction: Painter's Pyramid, Cardboard Version.

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Great project investment,
5 minute project,  Lifetime of uses.

No credit for the original idea to me.  I found this at a hardware store close to HOME. I thought it was one of the best ideas of the week.  You place these pyramids on a flat surface and put what you are painting on top and paint.  You can turn your paint project over while wet and paint the other side. simple, plastic, effective.  Apologies to the genius who thought of this, but I made my own.  Saving exactly $4.89

Step 1: Materials

An old cardboard box you don't need.  I used the the top of a shoe box.
Ruler/ Tape Measure
Exacto knife or similar.

Step 2: Measure

Measure from the corner of the box
1-3/4" to 3"  should be a good size.
Make three marks on three axis' of the corner. 
Draw straight line point to point. 
It should make a 45- degree angle, 3 total.

Step 3: Cut

Carefully cut the corners off.

I needed to tape mine together after they were cut off.

Step 4: Use

Place on flat surface, place item to be painted on top.  Holds odd shapes well and flat shapes too.

Check out this instructable that inspired my need for the pyramids.