Introduction: Painting Canvas Kicks!

Want a pair of sneakers that is like no one else's? This is an easy project that makes a one of a kind pair of shoes!

  • Get a pair of canvas sneakers. (I used Converse All Stars.)
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Various size paint brushes
  • optional - painter's tape (to tape up where you do NOT want to paint)

Step 1: Getting Inspiration...

I saw my friend Fletcher (an amazing artist) turning some canvas sneakers into a work of art (WOW!) and of course I HAD to give this a try myself. First order of business - GET a pair of shoes. My dad took me to Ross where I found a pair of high-top Converse (these are comfy canvas sneakers and only cost my dad $30!)

Step 2: Determine a Theme - and Start Your Base Colors

I thought some Sponge Bob themed shoes was where it was at! So I searched Google to find some color inspiration. The colors selected were based on Sponge Bob's starfish character Patrick - and Bikini Bottom.

I decided to paint a gradient of pale blue to deeper blue on the side of both shoes. I painted the lace holders (is that what you call them?) Patrick's pink color. The back strap I painted green and purple to match his outfit colors.

Here you can see my dad helping me get ALL that color painted in! If you are doing this - be sure and use Acrylic paint (you can use the crafting paint from Walmart, Hobby Lobby or Michaels.) Acrylic will stick to fabric - so be sure and paint wearing something you don't mind ruining!!!!

Step 3: Paint in the "little" Details

To really give the sides the proper bikini bottom feel - I painted in the "trees" (or are they flowers?) that you see in the background of the cartoon... It took several touch ups to get the colors painted in thoroughly. But, I really like the finished shoes!!

Step 4: Review the Handiwork...

I laced them up and have worn them a lot since painting. People at school assume that I bought them this way. I like them because they are TRULY one of a kind! I believe I could spray them with a water-proofer that would seal up the paint.