Introduction: Painting Doors the Easy Way

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This video is about how I overcame the lack of space to paint six doors all in one go, the doors where a different colour to the wardrobe carcass so they couldn't be painted in situ, i screwed one long screw in the middle of the bottom of the door and two screws in the top spaced apart. with the screws in place i was able to flip the door over to paint both side at the same time and i was able to lower the door and walk it to the workshop wall on the screws without the door touching the floor and rest it against the wall

Step 1: Using 70mm Screws

I screwed a screw in the middle of the door at the top edge and two screws on the bottom edge space apart

Step 2: Using Trestles for Painting

I spaced the trestles out so that the screws rested on the trestles the two screws on the bottom added stability and painted one side1 and the long edges then flipped the door over on the single screw and painted side 2

Step 3: Standing the Finished Door Against the Wall to Dry

I lifted the door of the trestle using the screws on the bottom and lower this end to the floor so it was resting on the screws then lifted the door up right from the top and walked it to the wall on the screws screwed in the botton and leant it so the top screw was keeping it off the wall.