Introduction: Painting Lines and Circles

A mother and father asked me to paint a townhouse they had purchased for their daughter. Their daughter has had many hardships in her life and wanted a design she had seen on a home renovation and improvement television show. I used Google to research the design and received approval to move forward with what I had found. I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to accomplish the task but I figured I would figure it out.

Step 1: Painting Materials and Preparation

I went to pick up the paint and materials. Some paint was from Sherwin Williams, Lowes and Home Depot. I organized all the materials in the kitchen closet. No one was living in the townhouse during the renovations and painting. I put plastic and paper down to protect everything and then tarps and additional plastic over certain counter tops and other items. I then worked to remove the wallpaper and patched the walls, ceiling and trim areas where necessary.

Step 2: Cut-In and Paint

After all the initial prep work cut-in was done and then the wall paint. 2 Coats for each.

Step 3: Design...Back to Planning

I started to layout the design pattern by drawing the lines out and then painting the top yellow line. As I got to the circular part I realized the lines and the circle were not lining up correctly and not spaced symmetrically. Later that evening I went out to dinner with my Aunt and Uncle who were visiting for the weekend. My uncle happened to be an artist and art teacher in his younger life. He actually used to paint these type of designs and provided me with the 'Know How' on how to accomplish the design.

Step 4: The Design

The piece of information that helped was to start with the circle first and then do the lines instead of working on the lines first. I used a straight metal piece I had and attached a screw and pencil to it. I moved the pencil accordingly for each color and then was able to have it work out beautifully.

Step 5: Final Finished Design

After painting the colors several times to really fill the colors in I removed the tape and then had to cut each color where there was any color that bled into another or where there was no color in certain spots. I double checked everything with a level and touched up where necessary. In the end the daughter was very happy with the final product and I was very happy to be able to do it for her. I big thank you to my Uncle Alan who had a major hand in helping me out. Thank you!

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