Introduction: Painting Ork Deffkoptas

This is one of a series of instructables for warhammer 40000

Step 1: Choose Your Victim

In This instructable, we will be painting one of the special edition ork deffkoptas from the assault on black reach boxed set. you can find more info about it here.

(for the purposes of this instructable the skin of the ork is already painted. There will be another instructable on how to do this later.)

Step 2: Choose Your Weapon

you should use a small brush and a fine detail brush. The small brush is for drybrushing the metal and the fine detail brush is for just that: fine detail.

Step 3: Metal

use the small brush and drybrush the entire model with boltgun metal or some similar colour. if you don't have any citadel paints, use a mix of black and silver, to get dark metal.

Step 4: Detail

paint the markings on the nose in skull white and a black and white checkered pattern on one of the blades. paint any rusty metal areas with tin bitz or brown ink over silver

Step 5: You're Finished

now its time to stop admiring your work and paint the rest of your army.