Introduction: Painting - Starry Night Sky

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Alright, so this is really fun to paint! It turns out to be a beautiful piece of art!
So if you love painting, give this one a try!


-Paint brushes

-Blue paints (light blue, dark, etc.)

-Black and white paint

-A new toothbrush

-A think black marker (or a thin sharpie)

-Pink paint

Step 1: Creating the Base

Start with your dark blue and a little bit of black. At the top of the page, you need to blend these two together to make a dark blue “night sky.” (be careful with this part..don’t add to much black) then take your light blue and start blending down the page. After you blended a little bit of the light blue down to the middle of the page, grab your purplish blue. (Or your purple) You need to add a little bit of purple to the end of the light blue, which should be out about at the middle of the page. Now you have blended all your blues to make the sky. Take your new toothbrush and dip it in some white paint. Use your finger to stroke the brush, and face the brush down towards the page while doing this. Now you have some stars!

Step 2: It Should Look Like This!

Now wait until this dries before you start your next step!

Step 3: The Cherry Blossom Tree

With a thin paint brush, and black paint create a tree stump. You can make it at a slant, or straight up however you would like it to be. Create the arms of the tree, these can be lines, zigzags, or curves and swirls. Now take your pink paint and put some on your fingers. Finger paint the canopy of the tree. Now you can add a swing, or a birdfeeder hanging from the tree.

Step 4: Adding the Bottom Water

Alright, now I must add the water below the little tree island. Make sure before you add the water, you make the tree look like it is on an island by raising the trees ground from the water base that you will be doing in a moment. The water base needs to be black and dark blue. You can add a little more black this time. Take your black and your light blue and paint the whole bottom half of the page with your mixture. Then take your toothbrush again, dip it in the white paint, and create your reflection of the stars. (This will make it look like your stars are reflecting in the water) Now you are just about finished! Take a black sharpie and draw to people, or many people, maybe it’s only one person. You can also add a little boat floating on top of the water next to the island.

Great job! I hope you guys give this one a try because it is so much fun to pain! It can also be a perfect gift for someone you love!

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