Introduction: Painting the Back (shiny) Side of You 5th Gen IPod.

I love tinkering and toying around with things. If i get something and it isn't to my likings, or has potential to become more I mod it ;-)

Now this should work on any pre Classic iPod, seeing as how apple has encrypted the firmware on them I won't be buying anything other than a touch anytime soon. So I would imagine they go together the same but chances are you're still under warranty so you probably shouldn't paint it.

I refuse to paint my 5.5 30GB iPod just because its still mint, and i still have the box, from 2005 mind you.

I chose one of my "Frankenstein", meaning i assembled it from spare ipods, hence the white click wheel, 60GB 5G's to paint.

I didnt take pictures during the process but its fairly easy, and I figure if there is already an instructable for it, maybe you can learn something for mine.

So lets get started!

Step 1: Disassembling the IPod and Prepping for Paint.

Now I'm not going to go over the disassembly, you can find it everywhere, just google it, it isnt too hard, but if your iPod hasn't been cracked open before it can get tricky.

Now, I started out after taking the iPod apart, by cleaning it up REALLY good.

I can't stress really enough, think about how often your hands are on your iPod, and how much oil and dirt is on there, you definitely want to get that off.

Oh, and dont forget to remove all the guts from the back case, including the battery, which is just stuck in, the hold switch and headphone jack are held by 4 screws total, two on each.

Now to clean it I used a S.O.S. pad, brillo pad, whatever you want to use, it doesn't matter its getting covered in paint, just don't use something too abrasive.

The iPod I was using already had the "Brushed Metal" treatment, so i just had to clean it off.

After you clean it hang it out to dry, I use a clothes hanger i bent up with two hooks one on each end, i hung it up by the slit in the bottom where you cable plugs into.

After its dry, its on to the next step.

Step 2: Paint.

Now you get to get down to the fun part.

When I spray anything I use duplicolor truck and suv paint, since mechanics body work etc. is another one of my passions I always have it on hand.

Some good things about it, its thick, took only 2 coats to cover really well thee are a whole lot of colors, and you can match it to your car if you really want that custom look :-P

But with it hanging from the hanger, start spraying light coats, i did mine on both inside and outside just to make sure the edges that meet up with the front are covered.

Spray each coat, let it sit for at least 20 minutes between coats, after you have it sprayed completely with color, its time to clear.

Now when i do mine, i let them sit for 30 minutes between coats and then the final coat i let sit for 2 days.

After your final coat has set then you can get to clear, i use the same clear, dupli truck suv.

I spray 3-4 coats letting sit for a good 45 minutes between coats, that may be overkill but overall it really toughens it up.

After you spray your final coat of clear let it sit for at least two days in a dry environment, you dont want orange peel.

Step 3:

Now after it has set long enough for the paint to set completely, trust me you dont want fingerprints, reassemble the iPod.

And Here are the results.

I have several iPods I will be making different things out of and customizing, the next victim is my 20GB 4G iPod I bought brand new a month after its release.

Keep an eye out for some more instructables, i plan on taking my other 5G 60GB and filling all of the holes and making a case for something out of it.

Anyway, I hope I've inspired someone to do this, it takes a week to make it look nice, my next instructables will have step by step photos taken with my camera instead of my phone.

The iPod with the white click wheel is the one this tut is written around, Its painted T400 Victory red in the paint I mentioned throughout the tut.

The burgundy is the other 60GB that is getting gutted and turned into something else, the screen is busted, and the hard drive failed.

If you have a 5G or 5.5G i recommend Continuum 2.0, It is one of the smoothest, well put together custom firmwares i have used.