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This is a simple but useful tip if you want to paint a board on every side without waiting for the one side to dry.


What ever board you are painting, nails, hammer and obviously paint and brush

Step 1: Setting Up the Board for Painting

Hammer in two nails at the bottom of the board so they can work as legs when the board leans up against a wall.
Hammer two more nails in the upper corners on the big surface, so they will keep the board out from the wall it’s leaning up agains.
Be sure to put the nails deep enough that they do not bend too easily, but also far enough out to give space between the floor and wall for airflow and that the nails can be taken out again fairly easy.

Step 2: Painting Time! (Back Side)

Now lay the board down on the large surface that has not nails sticking out, and the side with the nails facing up.
Paint the large surface with the nails sticking up, and the thin side where the nails that makes the legs are set in.
How much more you paint, is a bit up to you and how much surface you need free to put the board up against the wall.

Step 3: Painting the Front and Any Other Remaining Sides

Set the board up against the wall so that the “legs” keep it up from the floor, and the back nails keeps it out from the wall
Now paint the front, and any other sides you have not painted yet.
Done painting? Sit down and wait for it to dry.

Step 4: Almost There

When the paint is dry, you can repeat the steps if you want more layers, or it’s time to pull out the nails.
Pull the nails out carefully so you don’t damage the paint job you have just done.
If need be, put a plank between the hammer(or other tool you use to pull the nail out) and the board to protect it from direct pressure.
And you’re done!

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