Painting With Acrylic for Begginers




Introduction: Painting With Acrylic for Begginers

Beginner Northern Lights Acrylic Painting Lesson of an aurora Borealis with nebula in the starry Sky.

This is a easy Full step by step painting in acrylic.

If you're new to painting and looking for a painting tutorial that is easy to follow in acrylics on Canvas let #CLIVE5ART show you step by step how to paint a this is the video for you!!

Easy to follow every part of the painting process to get you a great finished painting. These easy acryilic paint alongs are filmed by multi camera. i infuse each lesson with fun, you can learn to paint in a friendly environment so grab your brush and paint along in this step by step acryilic painting lesson

In this Acrylic painting for beginners, lesson #CLIVE5ART so grab your brush and paint along in this step by step acryilic painting lesson

Step 1:

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    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    Don't know if my first message posted or not, so here goes again

    A quick question, I live in the United States and you mentioned in the
    video a product called liquid clear. Is there an alternate product that
    can be used? I was thinking about floetrol, a product that will make
    acrylic house and wall paint more fluid and slightly extend the drying
    time. Would you look up this product and let me know what you think?