Introduction: Pallet Bench From Scratch

In this instructable you will learn how to create a bench out of pallets. The pallets I used were left over from sod and siding. I also, used left over boards that I found in my garage for support. I did not purchase anything for this project, everything was leftover from other DIY projects or construction. This instructable is just a guideline. I encourage people to add there own ideas to this one.

Step 1: Find Material

As I said in the introduction all of my material was left over from other projects. However, pallets can easily be bought or found. As well as pallets you will need screws, any excess wood, and wood glue.

Step 2: Finding the Best Pallet and Cutting It.

I first picked out the the best pallet for my seat. I used a 12 foot siding pallet. It had very few cracks and was in very good condition. I took the 12 foot pallet and cut in half just past the middle support beam. This piece would be my seat of the bench.

Step 3: Cutting the Legs

I used a pallet for both my legs. I first cut in half, cutting out the middle beam. I then cut those in half making quarters. Cutting out one of the outside support beams. This made the perfect height for the bench and had plenty support.

(Note, when I say beam I mean the skinny moving horizontal in the photo. When I say support beam, I mean the heavier beams moving vertical in the photo.)

Step 4: Glue the Legs to the Seat

Glue the legs to the seat. I put the glue on the top of the legs and on the side of the support beam on the pallet. Before pushing the two pieces of wood together I left the glue to become tacky. Letting the glue cure, allows the wood to stick together better. Later this makes it easier to screw the boards together.

Step 5: Screwing the Seat and Legs

Screw the boards from the top and from the sides on all four corners. Now let the boards dry from the glue.

Step 6: Add Support

I had a long 2x6 left over from another project. I used this board to add support. I first measured the distance between the two legs on both sides and the distances between the middle support board to the bottom of the legs. I then made my cuts. Then I cut all the boards in half long ways to make 2x3s. I did this because I did not want the bench to be too heavy. I cut angles on the long board that goes from the center support beam to the legs to create a flat gluing and screwing surface. I then glued the leg support board to the long support board and screwed them together. Then I put glue on the ends of the leg support board and slid it into place between the legs of the bench. I then screwed all pieces into place and repeated on the other side. Then I took the rest of the 2x6 that was not cut long ways. It was the perfect length to go across my added support. So I cut that 2x6 at an angle that would fit inside the support boards. I glued It and screwed it.

Step 7: Enjoy

You can add a finish to the bench if you want, but I decided not too. I did not think the bench needed a finish, because pallets are made to be outside. If you decide not to add a finish, then your done.

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