Introduction: Pallet Bench/Shoe Shelf

Started with some old pallets.
Break them down and use the planks and the braces
They break easily when being pried apart.
The darker pieces were purchased from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Thecabinet door will be the seat of the bench and the mold will be broken down to use as a decorative piece

Step 1: Cut and Sand

Cut the planks to fit as deep as you want your bench to be.
Cut the braces into 6 pieces : 4 legs, 2 Xbraces

Sand everything well. The pallets got pretty banged up from disassembling

Step 2: Dry Fit the Legs/braces/planks

Step 3: Paint Whatever Colour You Like

Step 4: Upholster Cushion

Cut a piece of wood (i used scrap OSB) to fit the size of cushion you want for bench

Cut foam (1/2" in this case) AN EXTRA 1/2" on all 4 sides

Cut fabric to be longer than needed. As you staple fabric to board pull nice and tight, but not too tight. It should feel nice and firm

Staple piping around the end. This will hide any lifting and add to the overall appeal of the cushion.

Attach cushion to bench. I used 1" screws, high quality velcro is another good choice, allows for easier removal (to re-upholster) but may slide.

Step 5: Construct Legs

Construct the legs with planks spaced evenly apart

Put a brace in the middle (being hidden on a plank)

At this point the bench top is just for reference*

Step 6: Attach Bench Top to Legs

Attach bench to legs with screws (i used 2-1/2" screws)
Put them in spots they will be hidden (under cushion and where the trim will go)
Add a brade going across the underside of bench
Screw it to the planks, add nails to the bench (again, where they'll be hidden by cushion)

Step 7: Cut Trim to Wrap Around Corner

Angled cuts and at appropriate lengths
Do not have them go UNDER cushion, just butting up against it

Step 8: Attach Shoe Shelf and Cushion

I suppose this is optional, but my bench is intended to be used at a front entrance, so a shoe shelf was appropriate

Cushion went on last, after paint touch ups to make sure it was kept clean