Introduction: Pallet Bracelet

About: I got hooked on pallet wood 2 years ago.Just find it very relaxing to make stuff in my woodshop.

I made some rings out of pallet wood.The next logical step was a bracelet.I try and keep my Instructables simple,using everyday tools.These are very simple to make,I'm not going to go into any detail on the finishes.You can see other Insructables for that.I'm done with jewelry,(miss my table saw).Have fun.

Step 1: Tools


saber saw

disc sander


drill drum sander

Step 2: Lay Out

You need two circles,the inner circle will be the wrist size.The outer circle will determine how thick your bracelet is.I made mine 1/8'',if you go thinner they become fragile.

Step 3: Cut Out Inner Circle

I just drilled a starter hole and cut close to the line with the saber saw.Do not cut outer circle yet.Sand to the line with the drum sander,then sand it as much as you like for your finish.This is easy to do in a vice.

Step 4: Cut and Sand Outer Circle

Cut close to outer line(I used my scroll saw),a jigsaw will work.Use disc sander to sand to the line.After that vice it up and do finish sanding.I did 90% of my sanding with a mouse sander,then cleaned it up by hand.

Step 5: Cut the Opening

This is your call,if you make the cut to small it will break when putting on.I only broke one trying to make the opening to small.The wood will flex some,try cuts at 1 fourth of the diameter or smaller.Different woods will flex differently.Shape your cuts smooth as they will go against skin when putting on.Put on your desired finish and amaze your friends when you tell them this came from a pallet.If you make please post pic.

as usual any ? just ask

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