Pallet Christmas Tree With Lights




Introduction: Pallet Christmas Tree With Lights

Easy, cheap and quick build! A Christmas tree that you can build from pallet wood.


For this project, all you'll need is:

Step 1: The Main Structure

Those planks will be the supporting structure of your tree.

The vertical one corresponds to the desired height.

Place 2 planks, one left and one right, that will support the larger planks that you'll position in the next steps.

The horizontal one on the bottom should be very thin. Nail it to the other planks. It will be used to allow for the lower "branch" to be positioned.

Step 2: Saw Your Planks

I used 15 planks, and I saw each of those at an approximate 30 to 45 degrees, left and right.

I started from the larger one, and reducing the dimensions until I reached the top with a triangle. The lower section of each plank should be at least 15 cm larger than the upper section of the one just below.

Step 3: Before You Build: Check Your Planks

Start by tentatively positioning the planks on the structure, starting with the larger one on the bottom, then each plank overlapping with the one below. Continue until you reach the top. Adjust the position of each plank so that it covers the entire structure, and also so that it gives you a tree that looks nice.

Note: I positioned a small piece of wood behind the triangle on the very top to make it fit better.

Step 4: Build the Tree!

Now that the planks are well positioned, screw them to the structure. Position the screws so that they aren't visible when the next plank overlaps.

I screwed the top triangle from the back, since no plank would overlap the screw would be visible if it were screwed from the front. I also used some supporting wood glue on the triangle.

Saw the parts of the structure that are still visible (left and right of the top triangle).

Step 5: The Foot

The tree now needs a foot to make it stable. I glue several small planks to add width, front and real. Then I added perpendicular planks. I finished with a cube between the planks on the front, and another board on the rear to keep the left/right balance.

Step 6: The Lights

Ensure you have sufficient cable length on your lights to cover the whole tree.

Tentatively position all lights from the bottom to the top, zig-zagging left/right. Once you're satisfied with the positions, drill one hole at a time from the rear (otherwise you wouldn't see the structure in which you can not put lights) to position the lights. Pay attention to the distance between each light so that the holes are well positioned.

Glue the lights so they don't move. I used battery-powered lights to I glued the battery box to the structure as well.

Step 7: Add Some Decoration

I only added those little chocolates, but at this stage it's up to you to decorate as you'd like!

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