Introduction: Pallet Christmas Trees

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A while back I saw somewhere some Christmas yard decorations that looked like Christmas trees and were made from pallets and I thought that was the coolest thing ever and I love making things from pallets because its recycling something to make something awesome!

Step 1: Finding Pallets

If you don't have access to getting pallets or don't know any where to get them then you probably have or know of a grocery store near by your house and that is a perfect place because they have thousands but if you can ask first I didn't but it was fine because I just got 2 another good place is a local junk place or trash place.

Step 2: Disassembly and Marking

I first got some chalk line and marked it and then pry the boards off and be very careful the boards don't split by the nail holes!

Step 3: Cutting

You can choose to cut it on the pallet but it's hard pry off the back board after cutting so I just pryed them off then cut them on the saw table

Step 4: Nailing

I like to reuse a lot on the pallet so I straighten the original nails out and use them it also gives it more of a rustic look

Step 5: Sanding

I just do a quick light sanding job to keep the rustic pallet look

Step 6: Spray Paint

I just got some green spray paint and put 2 coats on

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Then just check and make sure it's painted good and put it in the yard

Step 8: I Also Made Some Crosses

Step 9:

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