Introduction: Pallet Coat Rack W/mailholder

About: Hi my name is David, I like to make things out of Wood, also like to take things apart and fixed them.

Today I will show you how I made a Coatrack/ Mailholder out of pallet wood.

In this instructable I will try to show you how I made it, for the ones that like Videos, instead of pictures. I have included the video I made while making this. When I made this, I didn't have no plans, except what I wanted in my head. I have tried to document as much as possible so that you could follow along. If you get lost in the Instructions, check out the video, it might make more sense.

This project didn't cost much, a few dollars. It takes a weekend to build, especially if you use stain.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Tools Needed:

Tablesaw or Circular Saw, Jigsaw or Sawzall


Belt Sander (Optional)

Drill and small drill bit


Tape Measure

Pencil or Marker

Blue painters tape

Hardware Needed:

Pallet or parts of a pallet

Nails or screws

Titebond II Glue

Minwax Dark Walnut Stain

Brown craft paint

Paint Brush

Clean rags

Robe hooks and screws

Step 2: Disassemble Pallet

Cut the pallet apart, leaving what I have in the picture. I used a Sawzall to cut the sides off, but you could also used a Jigsaw or Circular Saw.

You are cutting the pallet, leaving about a quarter of it in-tack. From top to bottom, its about 17 1/4" long.

Step 3: Part 1

Now we need to cut some parts for the mail slot or holder. Find a piece or cut another piece of pallet wood that will fit in between as shown in the pictures. Set Table saw at 15* and rip one side of the board. Fit piece into the slot as shown in picture 5 with yellow arrows, mark both sides as shown with pencil or marker. Then rip that piece at the same 15* angle.

You might have to check out my video, it's hard to describe this, maybe the video will help. Click here to watch

Step 4: Part 2

Dry fit the parts that you have cut, if they don't fit right, now is the time to correct.

Step 5: Sand

Now before we Start the assembly process, lets sand all the parts, we only need to sand the parts that are going to show. I used a palm sander with 100 grit sandpaper and hand sanded a few places where the sander wouldn't reach. I just sanded a little of the roughness off.

Note sand the wood until you are satisfied, I wanted a Rough, and Rustic look.

Step 6: Glue Mail Shelf

Dry fit the Mail shelf part into the pallet. If it fits ok, then we need to glue those 2 pieces together. Use clamps to hold the parts together. Also wipe off any excess glue before it dries with a damp cloth.

Note be sure and measure both ends, where it over hangs. They need to be the same on both ends.

Step 7: Attach Mail Slot Holder

After the glue drys, take the Mail slot piece and insert it into the pallet as shown ( you might check out my video for better instructions). Apply glue as shown in the pictures and clamp these pieces. Let it set overnight to dry.

Also wipe off any excess glue before it dries with a damp cloth.

After the glue drys, sand again if necessary, then attach it with nails. I used nails here to match nails on the pallet, you could use screws instead. Just predrill all holes before either.

Step 8: Assemble Backside

After you take the clamps off, it should look like the first picture. Then flip the piece onto the back side, find another piece from the pallet scraps that would fit into the place in the pictures. You might have to rip and cut a piece for it.

Either nail or screw the piece down. I used screws and predrilled holes before screwing, to prevent the wood from splitting.

Step 9: Sand the Top Rails

Note in the picture my top boards stick up about 1/8". I sanded the tops boards down flat with a belt sander.

If you don't have a sander like mine, use a saw to trim them down.

Step 10: Attach Piece to Top

Cut you a piece for the Top, you want it to over hang on both sides and the front.

I would let the Top over hang at least a 3/4" to 1" on both sides and the Front.

Drill pilot holes for the nails, then nail in place.

Step 11: Stain and Finish

Now we are ready to apply stain, I choose Minwax Dark Walnut. Apply with either a brush or cloth, allow the stain to set for a few minutes, then wipe of excess.

Note the longer it sets, the Darker it gets.

After letting the stain dry overnight, I took a little bottle of Brown Craft paint and painted over the nail heads. Now allow this to dry and then spray a coat of clear Satin or Matte finish.

Step 12: Attach the Robe Hooks

I found some Robe hooks at Ollies for $2.99 , going to use those. I placed a piece of Blue Painters tape at the bottom as a reference point. Then measure across and make marks on the tape for the location of your hooks.

Then drill pilot holes for the screws. Note be sure that your screws isn't too long, I found out the hard way, didn't think about them going thru and had to grind them down.

Once you have the holes drill in place, just remove the painters tape. Now screw the Robe hooks onto the Rack.

Step 13: Mistake

After screwing my Robe hooks in, I noticed that my screws came thru to the back side. I had to take a angle grinder to them.

Note check your wood thickness and adjust accordingly, you might have to get shorter screws.

Step 14: Hangers

I added 2 D-ring hangers onto the back side. Find the center and measure over 8" to the left and right. Then attach the hangers about 1" to 1 1/2" down from the top ( You want them to be below the Top). Use a small drill bit for a pilot hole, before screwing to keep from splitting the wood. Then use screws to attach them.I used some 3/8" long wood screws

Step 15: Enjoy

Now just attached screws or nails in the location of your choice, I choose close to my front door.

Note I put the hangers 16" apart, so try and put your nails or screws into the wall where they are studs.

Then hang the Coat-rack up and enjoy. Now you have a place to hang your coats, but also have a place to put the mail and can use the Top as a shelf.

I hope you all like my Instructable, I also hope it gives you a idea or two. Remember this is from pallets, it doesn't have to be perfect.

I will see a picture or read a article about something and get other ideas from them.

Thanks for checking out my Instructable.