Introduction: Pallet Corner Bench

I had a few pallets and some cedar from a kids adventure play set, I had disassembled, I used to put this pallet Corner bench together so here we go.

Step 1: Lay Out

I started by transferring the angle of the wall out 2 foot, then drawing two square boxes, length and the width of the bench on the each side of the line I made in the corner. then i ended up with four corners on each side in this case length in the front is 36" inches and the back is 43 5/8" each side of your Center Line or corner line, the width is 17.5" when I finished laying it out, it should look something like this in pic#2 I transferred the measurements to white paper for you to see in pic#2. I used a skill saw and a Sawzall to dismantle the pallets, A 4 foot level, a framing square to lay out and square up the corners.

Step 2: Layout #2

In the first pic I laid (3) 27" long 1x6s on the concrete with a half an inch space in between them, you should have the same width top and bottom 17.5", I cut (3) 1.5"x1.5"of pressure treated strips @ 17.5" long I screwed one to the top and one to the bottom on the same side and then on the opposite side I screwed one were the seat support is going to rest I marked this one at 15 " from the bottom of the 1x6s ,I made two sets, one of them has to be the opposite direction the ones i just made like in pic#4 , I did cut a 2x6 17.5" to screw to the bottom as a foot and protection against water I used I used a pan clip screw it has a SQ 2 / PH2 size number 10 1.5" long I pre drilled and countersunk all screws.

Step 3: Layout #3

This is the middle section the base I laid out the width the same way as the sides just it's only 15" tall then I added the 2x6s to the bottom which will add 1.75" inches to the total now it's 16.75" tall, now with the two sides and the base assembled now it's time to mount them together but before I forget I need to measure down an 1.5" so when I put the seating support on the 1xs will go right on top so I can mount the seating bracket on the side of the base like the two sides and step #2 pic #2. same screws were used to assemble the base.

Step 4: Putting It Together

I cut (4) 2x4s the length of my Dimensions I made earlier 36 inches long on a 45 degree angle Long Point to Long Point then I cut (4) 4 for the depth 17.5" long, long point to Long Point I also cut them on a 45 degree angle and screwed them together liking pics 1 & 2 then I added too small 2x4s they are 1 foot on Center from the sides on each I use 3-inch screws to assemble the seat structure and attach the sides and the base to the structure.

Step 5: Backrest Support Boards

I cut (6) 2x4s 24" long and made a Mark @ 20" then I cut a 15 degree angle to make my 2x4 lay back so you're not sitting straight up and down then I attach them to the back of the bench I used 3" torque screws to attach them to the back.

Step 6: Installation and Cut in Seat, Backrest, Arm Rest and the Enclosure for the Top of the Backrest.

I laid out the boards on the seat just like the sides 17.5" wide .5" space in between them then I overlapped the intersection and made a mark from the side inside corner to the back outside corner then got a straightedge and mark them and cut them to fit putting two screws across from each other and on the ends and in the middle of each board I did sand a little enough to remove small splinters and roughness the armrest made I made a template out of cardboard and use a jigsaw to cut it out. The backboards I started with a 1x4 on the bottom then a half inch space then I put a 1x6 on top of the 1x4 with a .5" gap then I put another 1x6 it should work out with you being 5/8" higher than the back support so that when you put the enclosure on the top and it'll hide behind the top 1 x 6.i used a piece of 3/4 ply wood cut to fit.

Step 7: Front Trim

I cut to fit and sanded these are also from the kids playhouse.

Step 8: Sit Back and Enjoy!!!!

I have not yet decided what to do with it as far as the finished but I hope with this instructables someone else can build them a pallet. Corner bench for their deck or porch

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