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Introduction: Pallet Couch Thomas Dambo Style

About: My name is Thomas Dambo and I'm an artist / designer from Denmark who have fun and make small to massive projects from other peoples "trash". Check out my website to see all of my work.

My name is Thomas Dambo and I'm a recycle artist and designer. I make anything from furniture and interior design to massive art projects, sculptures and installations. In this "Instructables" I will show you how to make a really nice Pallet Couch. You can watch this video I've made, the steps below or a combination. This is my first Instructable, so please give me feedback, and I will make more in the future.

Check out my website to see more of my work or subscribe to my Youtube Channel

Step 1: Find Pallets

You need 4 pallets, preferably as solid as possible. Whenever I need pallets I always look in containers near my workshop, you can also try ask in a store (they usually get their goods on delivered on pallets). People are usually happy to give away their pallets, and sometimes you can even find them lying on the streets.

Step 2: Tools

You need:
- A screw gun

- A jigsaw (you can also use a regular saw)

- A mullet

- Screws

Step 3: Prepare the Seat

Saw 1/4 off one of the pallets as seen on the picture

Step 4: Prepare the Backside Part 1

Use the mullet to remove two of the pieces of the bottom of the pallet.

Step 5: Prepare the Backside Part 2

Use the mullet to remove two of the boards

Step 6: Prepare the Backside Part 3

Saw off the middle part as shown on the picture. Now the backside of the couch is ready.

Step 7: Make Sides

From the remaining two pallets you need to create two identical pieces like the one on the picture.

To do this you do the following:

- Split the pallet in half with the jigsaw so that you have one part with two supporting pieces.

- Use the mullet to remove three boards leaving the two top boards.

- Repeat these steps on the last pallet so you get two identical side pieces.

Step 8: The Final Pieces

When you are done creating the four pieces they should look like this.

Step 9: Attaching the Sides

First you attach each of the sides to the bottom piece as shown on the picture.

Step 10: Attach the Backside Part 1

Attach the backside onto the couch and choose the leaning angle as you it won't be too comfortable in a 90 degree angle.

Step 11: Attach the Back Part 2

Now you screw the backside into the sides as shown on the picture. Be sure to put screws all along the sides to make it as stable as possible. Watch the video if you are in doubt.

Step 12: Finished Couch

Now the couch is finished, and you can add pillows to make it even more comfortable, or paint or decorate it as you wish.

Step 13: More Videos and Recycled Art

If you want to check out more of my videos and / or if you are into recycled art and design check out my website and subscribe to my youtube channel

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    6 years ago

    hi, your instructable inspired me to make an extension for my two seats couch! :D
    i used one medium sized pallet for the seat, and two small pallet for the armrest and the back. i dismantled one of the small pallet for the armrest but much of the dismantled wood was used during the building. as i was unable to build correct feet for this bonus seat, there's another medium sized pallet underneath. i'm now sewing the cushions, based on a baby matress and some other bits of foams i had in the attic (this also implies and old tablecloth). it's sturdy and rough but comfortable.

    i had all those pallets at my usual supermarket's parking lot. the employees told me they put those out once per day, knowing that people will come to pick them up. no need to even ask, but "first come first served" ;)


    7 years ago

    Nice work. My only suggestion is to use a mallet and not a mullet.


    7 years ago

    Great pallet project. The design looks great


    7 years ago

    Very cool! You made this look easy :)