Introduction: Pallet Dog Bed From Scratch

I wasn't a fan of the dog bed just lying on the floor. Our pitty deserved a throne. He pretty much rules this house. So I found a picture online and built one myself. :)

Step 1: Creating a Base Layer

I had some scrap deck boards from a pallet at work so I took them home real quick. I took the whole pallet actually. Tons of reusable wood.

The dog bed is 35x23 so I wanted to make the inside dimensions 36x24 so that there was a little wiggle room. I ran a belt sander with 80g over the top and bottom of these deck boards and then through the table saw to reduce them to 6" wide.

Step 2: Making the Feet

Once I had the base layer boards prepped I cut some oak stringer boards from the pallets and used them as the feet for the dog bed. I cut them down to 25.5" This is because I needed to set the walls on top of the 3/4" overhang on the front and back. When I screwed the top boards onto the stringers I offset the stringers 3/4" on the left and right side as well to rest the walls onto. I didn't bother to sand or straighten the feet for the bed.

Step 3: Adding Support for the Walls

Before making supports for the walls I needed to make the walls. I want to make the walls all the same height obviously so I took my narrowest plank and ran it throw the table saw to clean up the edges and straighten any curves. I then made the other 9 boards the same width. Sanded them with a belt sander and moved on to the next task.

I took some scrap pine from the base boards and made corner supports and side wall connectors. Countersunk the holes and screwed them in.

Step 4: Decorative Edges

I took a 5th piece of deck board and ran it through the table saw to make thin strips to add as decoration to the edges of the walls. They are about a 1/4" thick. I cut the corners to 45 degrees, used some finishing nails and gave myself a pat on the back.

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